Praise for Navigating the Marketing Maze

“A must read if you are operating on a limited budget, and are serious about building your business!”
~ Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author,
Creating Your Own Destiny and The Affluent Entrepreneur

“Loaded with practical and easy-to-use information, Navigating the Marketing Maze gives you a compass pointing you in the right direction to profitable business.”
~ Susan Friedmann, CSP, Best-Selling Author
Riches in Niches: How to Make It Big in a Small Market

“Andy’s book is the match to light your flame. Before you know it, you’ll have a bonfire! If you want to Spark Success, read this book with a pen in hand and remember to bring the hot dogs!”
~ Mark Matteson, Best-Selling Author,
Freedom from FearFreedom from Fear Forever, & A Simple Choice

“Competition is getting more brutal, not less, and no terrific idea can succeed without a plan to deliver results, and certainly, no plan can break through the clutter without a memorable concept. Andy provides insight into the increasingly difficult realm of social media, where without a hook with stickiness you will immediately be buried. Politicians and business owners need marketing if they want to win, but few have a unique idea that separates them from the rest, or they may have a potentially winning angle but no plan of how to get there. Navigating the Marketing Maze provides the marketing strategies to help you reach your goal. Arm yourself and read Andy Fracica’s new book.” ~ Mark Souder, United States Congressman, (Retired)
Grabill, IN

“A great mixture of creative insight, common sense, and motivation—told in a personal style that is Andy’s trademark. His years of experience as both entrepreneur and corporate marketer really come through.”
~ Brett Knobloch, President, Content on Demand
JG Sullivan Interactive, Inc. Chicago, Illinois

“Andy’s book has helped ACB develop a realistic implementable marketing plan. We included cost-effective social media along with traditional media mix without breaking our budget.”
~ Jack Benrubi, VP of Sales
The Advertising Checking Bureau, Inc., New York, NY

“In today’s changing world, we need the practical advice that Andy offers to set up a stable and lasting business.”
~ H. C. (Joe) Raymond, Author
Embracing Change from The Inside Out

“Extremely insightful! If you want or need a deeper understanding of the confusing business marketing maze, Andy is your man and this is your resource.”
~ Al Foxx, Author
No Limits 2nd Edition

“This is a must read! Any contractor on a limited budget will maximize their marketing ROI by learning Andy’s five key strategies for Navigating the Marketing Maze. If you want to grow, reach your goals, smarter, faster, and make more profit Andy’s book will help!”
~ Gary Elekes, President
Elekes Performance Consulting, Inc., Brentwood, TN

“This book should be standard issue to every bank’s new business borrower. Takes the mystique out of creating and marketing a new business, and increases the chances of success by 1,000 percent. This is a must read.”
~ Peter Coles, Managing Director (retired)
Wunda Automotive Products Pty.Ltd, Sydney, Australia

“Wow, I have always respected Andy’s expertise in marketing and in business and am pleased to recommend this book. This is a must, not only for business owners but for officers and directors. I read it front to back and recommend that you do the same.”
~ Dr. Brian E. Perryman, M.B.A., Ed.D. Director, 
Professional Training Center, Rose State College, Oklahoma City, OK

“When we are setting audacious goals—as Andy recommends—we need great teachers! Wherever you’re headed, Andy Fracica can help you get there. This is one butt-kicker of a book.”
~ Joanna Cummings, M.Ed., (aka: Nicci Tina) Author
Kick Butts, Take Names

“Too many great ideas fail to start or fail to thrive because the terrain ahead looks too rough. Andy has expertly broken the journey into its individual steps, making the climb seem not nearly as steep.”
~ John McGauley, Recorder of Deeds
Allen County, IN

“A grand slam home run! Andy has knocked it out of the park with his marketing strategies for entrepreneurs; every desk should have a copy of Navigating the Marketing Maze.”
~ Terry Crow, President
Spectrum Geothermal Heat Pumps, Inc, Lehi, UT

“Andy’s ideas are easy to understand and implement. They are economical for businesses on a limited budget and they are effective. I have been working with him to market my businesses over the last year; his principles work.”
~ Mike Kaufman, President
Kaufman Well Drilling, Inc. Waterloo, IN

“One of those rare books on marketing that makes sense. Andy writes from experience and you have a ringside seat to the joys, frustrations, fears, and triumphs of conceiving a good plan and bringing it to life.”
~ Richard Harshaw, President Lodestar Consulting Systems, Inc. 
Author, Pricing for Profit and The Power of Throughput

Navigating the Marketing Maze gives you the tools you need to negotiate the twists and turns of business in the twenty-first century. Read it and chart a course for success!”
~ Tracey C. Jones, President,,
Tremendous Life Books, Mechanicsburg, PA

“A fantastic book to add to your tools to use as a small business owner or entrepreneur. Whether you are starting out or already in business, this book can help realize your vision faster with less stress.”
~ Jeff Bow, Executive Coach and Author,
Stop Thinking, Start Believing

“It’s not every day when such a book comes from an HVAC Industry insider, someone who has walked the walk and talked the talk so to speak. For years, he’s been educating small businesses people, mostly HVAC contractors on the need for and methodology to marketing through articles he writes for Contracting Business’s HVAC-Talk Newsletter. I highly recommend it.”
~ Mike Weil, Editorial Director 
Contracting Business Magazine, Penton Media, Inc.

Navigating the Marketing Maze is the perfect tool for those of us in small business. Andy’s insight and straightforward approach to his book makes it easy to follow and implement. Read it and take your business to the next level!”
~ Tom Jackson, Chief Executive Officer
Jackson Systems, LLC, Indianapolis, IN

“Andy nailed it. This book is a thorough guide for a small business owner who needs to get a grip on marketing (and he must if he is to succeed!). Drawing from decades in the trenches working with contractors, Andy hits just the right tone for the multi-tasking business owner. While I do not recommend marketing books lightly, I recommend Navigating the Marketing Maze enthusiastically. Buy it. Read it. Act on it.”
~ Matt Michel, CEO 
Service Roundtable, Inc., Flower Mound, TX.

“Loved the chapter on ‘Audacious goals,’ Andy has included the most important and often left off requirement of goal setting. Having taught goal setting to thousands of athletes over the last three decades I’m amazed that most business people do not understand this element of the process. Folks there are a lot more insights in store for you in Navigating the Marketing Maze. Enjoy, I did.”
~ Mike Margolies, International Sport Psychology Consultant
And Author of, The Athlete within You

“No matter what line of work you’re in, marketing is essential for success. As an author, I found in Navigating the Marketing Maze, many insights and ideas to help me market my books, especially in this Internet age. Andy Fracica’s conversational, honest, and experienced advice will help anyone, regardless of industry, to emerge out of the marketing maze and into a place of confidence, knowing how to promote a product and promote it well.”
~ Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., Author of the
Award-Winning Narrow Lives

“Andy has written a great book. Navigating the Marketing Maze is perfect for HVAC contractors for whom it is essential to market their businesses and usually on a small budget; the advice within will help them successfully build their businesses without breaking their budgets. I recommend you read this book, if you want to grow your business.”
~ Joseph A. Fristik, Corporate Vice President,
National Accounts & Marketing, Rheem Manufacturing

“After 30 years in the publishing business, I’ve met more than a few marketers, and would be marketers. Andy Fracica is the real deal. His new book Navigating the Marketing Maze will make you one too, and take your business to the next level in the process.”
~ James Collins, Author

Navigating the Marketing Maze is a must have book, if you want to stand out from the crowd and build a business that is extremely profitable on a budget! Very insightful and informative! I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to build a successful business.”
~ Tanya Knight, Education Coach, Speaker, 
And Author, Who Says You Can’t Go to College?

“Having been an entrepreneur many times over, I found the information in Navigating the Marketing Maze to be both enlightening and inspirational for anyone wanting to start a business.”
~ Rowena Portch, Author, 
Finding Peace Among Chaos, and the Spirian Saga

Navigating the Marketing Maze provides a foundation of valuable wisdom and resources which are informational, educational, and applicable. Moreover, Andy’s book can be utilized as a compass, while embarking upon an entrepreneurial journey; whether one is just getting started or pursuing a business endeavor.”
~ Tina Lolla, Executive Director,
Pass-It-On Enterprises, Inc., Louisville, KY

“The perfect book for professional contractors looking to stretch their marketing dollars. Navigating the Marketing Maze provides an aggregate mix of business building growth strategies. If you want to grow your business without breaking your budget, buy this book, sit down, and read it.”
~ John Preston, Director of Distributor Sales
WaterFurnace International, Fort Wayne, IN